Week 5

Last Thursday I had the privilege and honor of getting to witness the first public screening of Yasuko Yokoshi’s film. The film was very interesting and not at all what I was expecting. Yasuko Yokoshi created this film which is named “Hangman Takuzo” with the help of two dancers and I found it to be very interesting that through MANCC Florida State, from what I understood, was the first location where this film was publicly shown. We were told before the screening that the film was for a mature audience and that is part of why the film had not been shown previously. I found the film rather hard to watch. There is no doubt in my mind that what this man did everyday is an art form but it was one that I had never been exposed to. When I visualized the man hanging himself, I felt concerned. The idea of hanging to me and I’m sure to many others involves death and taking ones life. So seeing that this man has hung himself everyday for the past years anywhere from one second to 10 minutes was hard to wrap my head around. It was so unique to watch and hear from this man and have him inform us that there are most definitely techniques that come with hanging. It was inspiring to hear that hanging does not make him feel dead but lifted and living. It was so beneficial for me to get to visualize aspects of other cultures as well. After the screening, during the question and answer with Yasuko Yokoshi, for me I could tell that the film was not what many people were expecting but that every individual in the room took something from the film. For me, I left the screening with a new view of life. I really saw a contrast between what I went into the theatre thinking what hanging was with the ideas and ways that others approach and think of the art form as. The way that Yasuko Yokoshi captured this individuals lifestyle was truly inspiring. I had never thought of choreographers making film, but through forum on Wednesday and Yasuko Yokoshi’s screening my eyes were opened to a whole new side of dance. In one of the readings, “Dance Critiques,” that I read for my Intro to Dance Professions class this past week, a point really stood out to me that was made in the readings. This point was that as dancers we critique to evaluate works and see what we like and dislike in pieces. For me, I have always been a visual person and someone that has to take notes, so the idea that critiquing works is a way to clarify and understand works in dance really stood out to me. I feel as though sometimes and especially at the screening of Yasuko Yokoshi’s film, certain things stand out to every individual and sometimes understanding the meaning behind them can be hard. When I have thought of the dance field in the past I usually thought of dancers, choreographers, teachers, and directors but there is so much more. I am now learning and I hope that I have the opportunity to explore all of these fields including dance critique.








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